Headshot of Lawrence R. Walker

Lawrence R. Walker

Professor Emeritus
Department(s): Life Sciences
Office: WHA 203A
Mail Code: 4004
Phone: 702-895-3196
Fax: 702-895-3956
Email: walker@unlv.nevada.edu


I am a plant ecologist interested in the mechanisms that drive primary plant succession. Primary succession can be defined as directional changes in plant communities after severe disturbances that leave no soil layers intact. Ecologists have been studying succession for about 100 years but are still in disagreement about what causes it, and even if it exists! Attempts at general theories that will explain successional change are useful exercises but are not readily applicable to specific examples of succession. My approach to this dilemma is to examine many examples in different systems, using similar methods, and then to look for similarities or differences between ecosystems.


Community Assembly, Disturbance Ecology, Plant Ecology, Plant Succession, Restoration Ecology


Ph.D. University of Alaska, Fairbanks


  • 2016 — Nevada Regents' Researcher Award
  • 2009-2010 — Wilder Chair in Botany, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • 2009 — UNLV Distinguished Barrick Scholar Award
  • 2006 — ISI Web of Science Highly Cited Scientist in Ecology/Environment, Thomson Scientific, http://isihighlycited.com
  • 2003 — Fulbright Senior Specialist Award, Iceland.
  • 2001 — Distinguished Researcher Award, College of Sciences, UNLV
  • 1997 — UNLV Barrick Scholar Award