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Keegan Davis

Chief Justice
Department(s): CSUN


Associate Justice Keegan K. Davis is a fourth-year transfer student pursuing his B.S. in Hospitality Management at the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality. A native to Central Illinois, Keegan moved to Las Vegas in order to finish his undergraduate career at UNLV. Keegan’s gravitation towards law began with a class titled ‘Law in America’ where he learned the complexities and nuances of Legal Writing and judicial interpretations. When deciding to stand for the Judicial Council, Keegan saw the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of student government systems in Nevada while continuing to hone his passion of Legal Writing. He works to maintain the Council’s role as a vital balance to the other branches of the CSUN Student Government while championing Due Process in all manifestations. In his free time, Keegan works as Front Desk Agent on the Strip and plane spots at McCarran International Airport. Associate Justice Davis’s term began on February 25, 2019.