Headshot of Jun Eligio Roel Orteza

Jun Eligio Roel Orteza

CEO, Futuretech LLC
Department(s): MBA Programs


Jun B. Orteza is one of the world’s leading experts in the “Convergence Of Engineering, Science, Technology, Economics, Faith & Culture.” Graduated with M. S. and Ph. D. at Stanford University. Dr. Orteza was one of the first six cohort graduates from the University Of Saint Thomas Donald S. Nesti, CSSp Center For Faith & Culture; and serving as Professor and Policy Advisory Board member. Currently the CEO of FutureTech LLC specializing in Start-Up Management, Research & Development, and Automation in areas of Computer Storage Technology, BioTechnology, and Oil & Gas. Extremely passionate of educating peoples’ becoming financially secure through the “Saving Your Future” — a financial literacy campaign of World System Builder.