Judahea Bluntt
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Judahea Bluntt

Graduate Assistant

FDH 461


Judahea Bluntt is a Graduate Teaching Assistant currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Dramatic Media. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Since middle school, she has enjoyed writing stories that come from her wild imagination. Growing up close to Hollywood helped motivate her to produce screenplays that could one day become films seen all over the world. As an adult, with a little creativity and a lot of hours hunched in front of her laptop, she crafted a feature-length film script that got her accepted into the graduate screenwriting program at UNLV.

Aside from writing and thinking about what she'll write next, she enjoys reading (she's a huge Harry Potter fan), watching movies and anime, and playing video games (when her schedule allows). During her time at UNLV, she looks forward to gaining more experience from the amazing professors in her program and crafting content that intrigues and excites viewers.