Jacqueline Olivé

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Jacqueline Olivé

Graduate Assistant

FDH 461


Jacqueline Olivé is a Polynesian writer, digital content creator, and mother of an adorable Shih Tzu named Ewok. After achieving her dream of playing soccer at the collegiate level and becoming the NJCAA Division 1 All-American goalkeeper of 2011, she transferred to UNLV and began the final leg of her undergraduate studies as an English major. Olivé wanted to enter the Creative Writing program but decided to test out the waters of the Intro to Screenwriting class first, where she realized that writing movies was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She's never looked back.

After graduating from UNLV in 2015, Olivé began teaching English and creating digital content in the Tokai area of Japan in order to travel the world and discover stories she had never heard before. It was there that she would not only learn Japanese, but also the invaluable lesson that there is more to movies than just working in Hollywood. Now after 5 years, Olive has returned to UNLV as a graduate student in the Writing for Dramatic Media program. Through this program, she is determined to hone her craft and cultivate her storytelling ability in all aspects of filmmaking, to become a more creative artist with a reach that goes beyond the borders of America.