Headshot of Ge Lin Kan, Ph.D.

Ge Lin Kan, Ph.D.

Department(s): Environmental and Occupational Health
Office: MSM-HRC 301
Mail Code: 3064
Phone: 702-895-1625
Email: ge.kan@unlv.edu


Dr. Ge Lin is a professor of epidemiology in the School of Community Health Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He was trained in spatial demography and GIS. He is known for his works in spatial modeling, spatial statistics for count data, and spatial disparities in health.  His most recent research focuses on the public health data science.  He uses the infrastructure approach to develop integrated data marts, data analysis utilities, and training modules for public health data specialists. He has been supported by NIH, NIJ, NSF and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Research Specialties

  • Geographic information system applications  
  • Spatial epidemiology and spatial statistics
  • Big data in public health
  • Health disparity assessment