Headshot of Gail Sammons, Ph.D., CHE

Gail Sammons, Ph.D., CHE


Research Interests

  • Hospitality Learners Model
    • Active learning
    • Student engagement
    • Delivery Modes
  • Online learning
  • Assessment

Industry Focus

  • Lodging Operations
  • Food and Beverage Operations

Courses Taught

  • Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry (HMD 259)
  • Human Resources and Behavior  in the Hospitality Industry (HOA 703, MHA 603)
  • Hospitality Internships (HMD  450)
  • Employee Development (HMD 456)
  • Online Training (MHA 644)


  • Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Council
  • University Academic Assessment Committee
  • Hotel College Curriculum Committee (chair)
  • Hotel College Assessment Committee (chair)
  • Hotel College Promotion and Tenure Committee

More about Gail Sammons

Dr. Gail Sammons received her Ph.D. in Hospitality Administration from Pennsylvania State University. She has over 20 years of experience in lodging and food and beverage management and operations. Dr. Sammons has taught in hospitality education for over 20 years (19 years at UNLV). She has taught through online learning for 16 years.