Headshot of Erin Drew

Erin Drew

MFA Candidate, Graduate Assistant
Department(s): Art
Mail Code: 5002
Email: drewe1@unlv.nevada.edu


Erin Drew is an interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator from Indianapolis, Indiana. Her projects, including a monthly art-centric talk show, Putty, have functioned as conceptual alternatives to and sub-textual critiques of the art market and cultural and academic institutions. Her work maintains a fascination with DIY processes and aesthetics, class, and the line between education and entertainment. She has exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Herron School of Art and Design, University of Toledo, Indiana University-Purdue, the Carnegie at Covington, and in artist-run galleries, cabarets, and bars. She earned her BFA in Sculpture from Herron School of Art and Design.