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Erin Collier

Director of Organizational & Employee Development

Human Resources
CSB 237
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Erin Collier is the director of Organizational Development at UNLV. Since coming to UNLV in May 2019, she has provided leadership coaching and consulted with numerous units on campus on strengthening leadership, team cohesion, mission/vision/values creation, managing change, and strategic planning. Erin brings over 25 years of experience and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to helping organizations and teams become more effective and achieve goals, build capacity for long-term success, and creatively manage challenges and change. She partners with leaders to ensure an in-depth understanding of key issues; design new systems, structures and processes; and implement organizational change to achieve maximum effectiveness, productivity and success. Erin launched and oversees the Leadership Coaching Program (LCP), the Management Training Academy (MTA), the HR Professional Development (HR PD) series, and UNLV's first enterprise-wide learning management system focusing on professional development, REBELearn.  Before coming to UNLV, as an Organizational Development Consultant, Erin worked with large and small organizations with budgets ranging from $100K to $6.4B, representing 10-50,000 employees. Erin received her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon.