Diane Thomason, PhD, MN, RN

Assistant Professor


Diane Thomason is a community health nurse specializing in the prevention of obesity among school-aged children and within the community. Her clinical experience includes working with schools and public health departments.

Thomason earned her PhD in Nursing Science at the University of Washington. Her program of research focuses on youth and community obesity prevention in high-risk underserved minority populations. Specifically, it includes working with schools, communities, and health organizations to determine barriers to increasing physical activity, receiving and learning about healthy nutrition, and translating research into health policy. She developed the Physical Education Activities Scale (PEAS) that measures adolescent perceptions to school physical education activities.

Prior to coming to UNLV, Thomason organized, developed, and facilitated bilingual educational nutritional programs for multicultural, low-income communities in Seattle. She has been an invited consultant for the writing of a nutritional policy for the Seattle Public School District and for the Washington State Department of Health’s development of the state’s current master plan policy for school vending machines. Thomason has also worked with public health programs, WIC and First Steps to educate health care providers about early detection and counseling among infants and children who are trending toward being overweight or obese.