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N. Clayton Silver, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department(s): Psychology
Office: CBC-B 332
Mail Code: 5030
Phone: 702-895-0191

Research Interests

N. Clayton Silver has two main research areas. First, he investigates the salience, understandability, and behavioral compliance of warnings. There are numerous variables (e. g., familiarity of a product; signal words; icons) that influence whether we notice, read, and/or comply with a warning. His research considers these variables in an attempt to ultimately reduce accidents and increase safety related behaviors. Dr. Silver is also interested in general human factors issues. Second, Dr. Silver develops user-friendly statistical software that augments the standard statistical software packages (e. g., SPSS). Moreover, he also uses Monte Carlo simulations to examine the behavior (e. g., Type I error, power) of various statistical techniques. One of his primary interests in this field concerns hypothesis testing in correlation. Dr. Silver also has interests in psychometrics and measurement, including scale development and score validation.

Dr. Silver's 1988 Ph.D. is in experimental psychology from Tulane University with emphases in quantitative methods and data analysis.