Headshot of Angie Freeman

Angie Freeman

UNLV Transition Advisor - North Las Vegas Campus
Department(s): Academic Advising
Office: Academic Advising Transfer Office - CSN North Las Vegas Campus
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-651-4969
Email: angie.freeman@unlv.edu


Angie (preferred pronouns: they, them, theirs) is an Alumni of the life changing Oakland University where they completed their Bachelor of Science in Marketing as well as the beautiful Nova Southeastern University where they completed their Masters of Science in Student Affairs with a concentration in Conflict Resolution. A mouthful, yes, but well deserved and very proud :) After graduate school, Angie worked at the University of Vermont as a Residence Director and most recently worked at Nevada State College as an Academic Advisor. Currently, as a Senior Transition Advisor, Angie looks forward to helping CSN students transform their college experience into a four-year degree at UNLV. Anyone who knows Angie knows that they LOVE hip-hop dance, stepping and body percussion and on their spare time enjoys teaches and performing around Las Vegas. Outside of work, Angie also enjoys watching movies with their wife, playing with their two fur babies, learning American Sign Language and researching the latest social justice topics.