Headshot of Andrew Hanson, Ph.D.

Andrew Hanson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Honors College


Andrew earned a BS at Montana State, an MS from San Diego State and a PhD in Geological & Environmental Studies from Stanford University. After a brief stint working in the petroleum industry in Houston he was hired at UNLV in 2000. His research focuses on sedimentary basins and the petroleum resources they contain and has taken him to China, Mexico, Spain and Portugal for field work. Andrew joined the Honors College as the Associate Dean in January 2013. As the Associate Dean he focuses on recruiting Honors faculty to teach classes in the Honors College, advising and teaching University Honors students, supervising all Departmental Honors thesis projects, helping students to attain nationally competitive awards, and collaborating on assessment, curriculum development and other Honors College priorities.


Petroleum Geology, Basin Analysis, Petroleum Geochemistry