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Andrew Cummings, Ph.D.

Associate Professor-in-Residence

CBC-B 304
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Andrew Cummings joined the faculty of the UNLV Experimental Psychology Doctoral Program in 2013 and is currently an assistant faculty-in-residence. He received his Ph.D. in experimental psychology from UNLV in 2013 and he has been employed by UNLV since 2005. Dr. Cummings’ research goal is to investigate how advantages in face processing can be attributed to infants’ and children’s gender, race, age, and mood. Most recently, his area of research involves determining how 6- to 10-month-old infants’ experience with faces affects their scanning, visual preference for, and recognition of human faces.

Dr. Cummings’ duties include developing and teaching experimental psychology courses; currently, he is teaching a research methods and a developmental psychology course.

Dr. Cumming’s also collaborates with Dr. Jennifer Rennels’ in her UNLV Baby and Child Rebel Lab. The research lab investigates how infants and children learn about people in their social world. Dr. Cummings’ lab responsibilities include: working with undergraduates in the training of tasks related to recruitment of participants, coding data, and conducting studies involving infants and children. Other responsibilities involve study design and implementation, collecting and analyzing data, and aiding in grant writing.

During the last ten years of his training in developmental psychology research, Dr. Cummings has had the opportunity to expand the scientific community’s understanding for how advantages in face processing can be attributed to specific cues associated with the human face. His goal is continue his research and further the knowledge concerning the mechanisms involved in person perception.