Headshot of Mirzah Trejo

Mirzah Trejo

Research Assistant and Advocacy Trainer, Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy
Department: School of Community Health Sciences
Phone: 702-895-1040
Email: mirzah.trejo@unlv.edu


Mirzah Trejo earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology with a minor in marriage and family therapy from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She joined the Nevada Institute for Children's Research and Policy in 2014 as a research assistant, where she has worked on different projects such as entering and cleaning data, conducting over the phone surveys in English and in Spanish, assisting in translating, and event planning. Mirzah looks forward to continuing her work with the Institute as a research assistant and advocacy trainer, providing tools and skills for parents, educators and community members to speak up for Nevada's children. She is passionate about engaging with community members to increase knowledge and support of early childhood education and continue working to improve the lives of children and families in Nevada.