Sharing Knowledge, Developing Networks, Building Community

The Peer Connections Program is designed to help new employees at UNLV feel welcomed and excited about making the choice to work here. The purpose of the program is to provide specific and customized information about the university culture and provide the new employee with the tools to navigate and be successful at UNLV.

In addition to providing a structured program for administrative faculty and classified staff, this guide will also provide best practices for welcoming new academic faculty into their academic units.

Becoming a peer guide provides an opportunity to recognize your expertise, share professional and institutional knowledge with others, enhance your professional networks, assist with the transition of new colleagues, and ensure their success as well as that of our university.  

Connections Corner

Program Goals

The Peer Connection Program hopes to:

  • Accelerate the time required for new staff to acclimate to the university
  • Allow experienced employees to gain new perspectives, develop new relationships, and grow professionally
  • Bolster campus engagement
  • Enhance the likelihood of retention
  • Improve the quality of services provided to the campus community
  • Provide an overview of campus culture and UNLV’s mission to newly hired members

Benefits of the Program

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For New Hires

  • Cultivate skills that foster excellent performance, professionalism, and positive attitude
  • Develop a stronger understanding of university resources
  • Provide an opportunity for new hires to learn from an experienced and excelling peer at UNLV through one-on-one informal sessions, where an established peer may share information on their own career development and information about the university
  • Provide an opportunity to form new, collegial relationships and grow professionally
  • Provide networking opportunities to meet other peers and leaders at the university
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For Peer Guides

  • Assist in sharing knowledge about professional competencies in higher education, organizational structure at UNLV, and resources for career development
  • Provide an opportunity to help identify, support, inspire, and develop new peers at the university
  • Provide an opportunity to develop new, collegial relationships