Displaying Your Permit

In accordance with NRS 484.619, permits are to be displayed in the lower corner of the passenger side windshield (farthest away from the driver). All adhesive permits issued by Parking & Transportation Services are designed to utilize this area, and all permit holders are instructed to place permits there. Permits must be attached with their own adhesive. University approved clear plastic hang tags are also available at the Parking and Transportation Services Office for your use. These hang tags can be displayed from the rearview mirror and are available for a nominal fee. No other methods will be accepted. Daily, weekly, and monthly permits that do not have an adhesive must be displayed on the rearview mirror or on the vehicle dashboard, front passenger side (farthest away from the driver) face up so any and all numbers or dates may be easily viewed by any enforcement officers. The permit is designed to be moved from vehicle to vehicle as needed. All vehicles used must be registered on the permit registration.