Citations and Fines

Citations are issued to those who violate the parking regulations. Any vehicle found parked at a place or in a manner prohibited or declared to be in violation of the parking regulations of stopping, waiting, or parking is declared a nuisance and may be impounded (booted) by Parking & Transportation Services or the university police. The vehicle will be surrendered to the owner, or the authorized agent of such owner, only upon payment of the necessary traffic-citation fees and/or towing and storage charges.

If your vehicle is booted or towed, contact Parking & Transportation Services at 895-1300. If the vehicle has been booted, the outstanding fees must be paid before the boot will be removed or an authorization to release a vehicle is given to the towing company. Payment can be made by cash or credit card at Parking & Transportation Services Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If the vehicle has been towed, there will also be fees owed directly to the towing company that must be paid prior to the vehicle being released. For more information on citations and fines, check the chart below.

Citations and Associated Fines
Type of Violation Fine
Improper Display of Permit $10
Meter Violation $20
Parked in Improper Zone $20
Timed Zone $20
Line Straddling $20
Double Parking $20
Blocking Sidewalk $50
Parked on Sidewalk w/o Permit $50
Parked on Lawn or Planted Area $50
Red Zone $60
Obstructing Traffic $50
Misuse of Permit $50
Designated No-Parking Area $50
Non-designated No-Parking Area $20
Reserved Parking $60
Lack of Permit $50
Possession of Stolen/Lost Permit $200
Towing $75
Privileges Suspended $50
Fire Hydrant/Fire Lane $100
Handicapped $250
Counterfeiting or Copying Permit $500
Boot Tampering Fee $200
Boot Fee $60
EPA Parking $20
Faculty Parking $20
Student Parking $20
Motorcycle Parking $20
Patient Parking $20
Preschool Parking $20
Resident Reserved Parking $60
Thomas and Mack VIP Parking $20
Vendor Parking $20