Student Resources

Want to learn more about undergraduate research at UNLV? Complete this undergraduate research advisor Appointment Request Form or contact us at to set up an appointment to meet with an undergraduate research consultant who can provide you with more information about getting involved, help you identify potential research opportunities, and answer any questions you might have.

Getting Started on Your Research Path Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t Want To Wait For an Appointment?

Stop by our office during our open office hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in CSB 163A and talk to one of our undergraduate research consultants.

Research Opportunities

One goal of the Office of Undergraduate Research is to provide a venue for undergraduate students who are interested in research, internships, and other creative and scholarly activities to connect with faculty members who are interested in working with undergraduate researchers. We are currently developing an online connecting service for students and faculty. Until this service is available, students who are interested in getting involved in research can find helpful tips below to get started in research. Faculty who are interested in working with undergraduate student researchers are encouraged to visit our Faculty Resources section for more information about mentoring undergraduate students.

Getting Academic Credit for Undergraduate Research

Students who are engaged in research and scholarly activities sometimes choose to enroll in courses to gain course credit for their work. These courses vary by field of study and may be listed in the course catalog as Independent Study, Independent Research, Internship, Senior Thesis, Directed Studies, or various other titles. If you are interested in enrolling in a course for research credit, you must be working with a UNLV faculty member who has agreed to supervise your research coursework. The specific course in which you enroll will be guided by your field of study, the type of research or scholarly activity you are engaged in, and your faculty mentor. Be sure to discuss this option with your faculty mentor and an academic advisor prior to enrolling in a research credit course.

Ethics, Conduct, and Safety

All students and faculty who engage in research are required to follow guidelines for ethical and responsible conduct of research, and to be properly trained in safety procedures. The Office of Research Integrity provides support and resources to ensure ethical and responsible conduct of research, and the Office of Risk Management and Safety provides resources and training to ensure a safe research environment. Depending on the type of activity in which you are involved, you may be required to complete training courses or obtain certification through one or both of these offices. Before you begin your involvement in research activities, be sure to discuss these requirements with your faculty mentor and to complete the appropriate trainings and certifications. More information about the services provided and compliance requirements for each office can be found on their webpages.