High Points Program students

OUR Research Education Fellowship (REF) Program for Undergraduate Researchers

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Research Education Program (REP) for High School Students aims to engage high school juniors and seniors with research by engaging them in scholarly discussions in collaboration with undergraduate mentors.

The OUR Research Education Fellowship (REF) Program for Undergraduate Researchers aims to provide UNLV undergraduate student researchers with opportunities to emerge as leaders with mentorship skills and experiences. Toward this goal, OUR seeks up to 6 undergraduate researchers (REFs) to mentor REP participants.

The year-long (Fall and Spring semester) program promotes expanded and synergistic mentorship within UNLV’s research community. This Fellowship carries a $1,000 stipend.

Eligibility, Application Process, and Requirements

Eligibility & Consideration

Currently enrolled, full-time UNLV undergraduate students with a declared major are eligible for consideration. Students must have an anticipated graduation date of spring (or later) in the academic year in which they are applying. Previous research experience is preferred, but not required.

Application Process & Deadline

  • One-page personal statement describing your interest in (and expectations from) the program, general research interests, career aspirations and goals, and why you are applying. For instructions, please peruse OUR's one-page personal statement sample.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV). For instructions, please peruse the following samples: (1) Arts, (2) Social Sciences, and (3) STEM.

Submit Your Application

Program Requirements

Awardees are expected to perform the tasks listed below:

  • Schedule, organize, and facilitate bi-weekly (twice a month) cohort meetings
  • Generate post-meeting emails and meeting minutes after each session
  • Serve as the first line of communication to the students
  • Create a cohort syllabus with meeting dates and times, faculty presentations, and research deadlines
  • Recruit faculty speakers
  • Supervise student research projects and assume co-author role on research projects proposed by the students
  • Mentor REP participants to prepare a research presentation for OUR’s triannual Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Attend monthly Fellows meetings with OUR Staff
  • Assist in OUR’s triannual Undergraduate Research Symposium as needed

Past Awardees

Fall 2022

  • Vanessa Booth
  • Emily Huerta
  • Cali Larrison
  • Nader Nabeh

Spring 2022

  • Vanessa Booth
  • Emily Carter
  • Jiaqi Li
  • Brittny Mikhaiel

Fall 2021

  • Aaron Cheng
  • Emily Carter
  • Vanessa Booth
  • Brittny Mikhaiel

Frequently Asked Questions

How many academic discipline positions are available each cohort term?

Each cohort term, OUR recruits high school students from Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Health and Natural Sciences, and Engineering. Depending on the research preferences of high school applicants, OUR will offer up to 6 REF positions.

My research interests do not fall within my academic major. Can I apply for a Fellowship?

Students may apply for an academic discipline slot that is different from their college major, provided that they either have research experience or are minoring in the discipline.

I am going to graduate in the fall semester of the current academic year. Can I still apply for an OUR REF slot?

OUR REF is a two-semester (Fall/Spring) commitment. Thus, undergraduate students who graduate in the fall semester of the current academic year would be ineligible to apply.

How do I communicate with my REP high school mentees?

OUR will create a channel on Slack for REPs to communicate through.

I am presenting at the upcoming Symposium. Will I also have to co-present with my REP high school mentees?

OUR REFs will not be co-presenting with their high school mentees but are required to be in attendance during their presentations. OUR Staff will schedule presentations accordingly.

Seeing as OUR REFs are required to assist in OUR’s triannual Undergraduate Research Symposium, am I still able to present my research during the event?

Yes! OUR will work with Fellows to determine a symposium schedule that prioritizes their research presentations.