The OUR Research Education and Opportunities For High School Students (OREO) Program targets high school juniors and seniors interested in:

  1. Research in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHS) (e.g., Business, Education, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Liberal Arts, and Urban Affairs) and aims to engage them in scholarly discussions in collaboration with undergraduate mentors.
  2. Research in Health and Natural Sciences and Engineering (HNSE) (e.g., Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health, Integrated Health Sciences, Nursing, Life Sciences, Geosciences, Engineering, and Psychology) and aims to engage them in scholarly discussions in collaboration with undergraduate mentors.

Program Description

Once accepted into the program, students have the opportunity to expand their research knowledge through:

  1. Participating in monthly group discussions led by undergraduate student(s) actively engaged in research to analyze impactful scholarly journal articles from a diverse range of related disciplines in the corresponding track (AHS or HNSE). Students are expected to read the assigned article prior to each monthly meeting to ensure an interactive discussion. The monthly meetings will be scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. Discussing topics related to success in college including but not limited to how to get involved in research, selecting a major, planning for graduate/professional school.
  3. Interacting with faculty through a lecture series, Q&A sessions, and lab tours.

Program Learning Outcomes

Through completion of this program, students will:

  • Gain an enhanced understanding of the research cycle and processes involved, as well as research paradigms and methodologies in different academic disciplines.
  • Actively collaborate with undergraduate researchers from diverse academic disciplines.
  • Develop foundational research skills including active reading, digital information literacy, and research writing and communications (e.g., writing abstracts, crafting presentations, writing manuscripts).


Currently enrolled high school juniors and seniors with a minimum of a 3.5 unweighted GPA intending to apply to UNLV or those who have already applied for UNLV are eligible for consideration.

Application Process & Deadline

Please submit the following as part of your application package:

  1. One-page personal statement
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)

Submit your application

Program Requirements

After acceptance into the program, participants will be required to:

  1. Attend and participate in monthly cohort meetings
  2. Attend a minimum of 4 OUR workshops over the course of the semester including the following two mandatory workshops: (1) What is Research? Understanding the Research Cycle and (2) Active Reading: How to Effective Interrogate Text
  3. Attend the OUR Undergraduate Research Symposium
  4. Culminating project: In consultation with your undergraduate mentor, choose one of the research articles you have read and review it as if you would be reviewing a peer-reviewed journal article for publication, for which specific instructions will be provided.

Program Completion Process

Please submit the following upon completion of all program requirements:

  1. Proof of cohort meeting attendance
  2. Proof of workshop attendance