The UNLV Ombuds Office is dedicated to helping make UNLV a better place to work by providing a range of services to UNLV employees.

To see what the Ombuds Office did in calendar 2021, please read the 2022 Ombuds Annual Report.

The Ombuds Office operates in accordance with NSHE and UNLV policies, regulations and guidelines; the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the International Ombudsman Association; and the Ombuds Office Charter, which was approved from UNLV President Keith E. Whitfield in July 2021.

The Ombuds Office Charter sets the scope of the office’s operations, the office’s structure, the authority of the Ombuds, and limits to that authority. Core to the Ombuds function is a dedication to confidentiality and a commitment to providing a neutral, impartial, and independent resource for employees to consult.

How is the Ombuds different from other offices at UNLV?

The Ombuds Office is unique at UNLV in that it and its staff are designated neutrals, meaning that they do not show preference or advocacy for any one group of employees, or the university administration. The office is informal, meaning that employees can discuss their concerns without triggering a disciplinary or investigatory process. And, as an independent unit, the Ombuds Office and its staff are fully autonomous in their operations.

What does “confidential” really mean?

Any communication with the Ombuds is considered confidential to the extent permitted by law. No one will disclose, without your express permission, that you contacted the office or the content of your communication.

The exceptions to this are cases where the Ombuds has reason to believe there is an imminent risk of serious harm, unreported child or elder abuse or neglect, and instances where the Ombuds is compelled by court order to disclose information.

Outside of those exceptions, the Ombuds and all those working with the Ombuds Office in any capacity will strive to honor the confidentiality of all communications to the extent permitted by law.

What does the Ombuds do, and what doesn’t the Ombuds do?

The Ombuds is a neutral, impartial, and independent resource for all UNLV employees. For a complete list of what the Ombuds does and doesn’t do, please see the What is an Ombuds? page.

If the Ombuds is independent, does anyone give the office feedback?

Anyone who has visited the Ombuds Office can provide anonymous feedback on their visit using this form. In addition, the Ombuds Advisory Panel, which is composed of representatives of several campus constituencies, regularly provides the Ombuds with feedback about the effectiveness of the office.