Minimum Required Classes

  • Every fall and spring semester, you must be registered full-time at UNLV. Dropped, audited, withdrawn, and incomplete classes do NOT count.
  • If you are starting your program or otherwise returning to UNLV (e.g. from a leave of absence) during the summer term, you must be enrolled full-time at UNLV
  • Undergraduate students must take a minimum of 12 credits.
  • Graduate students must take a minimum of 9 credits.
  • Graduate/teaching/research assistants must take a minimum of 6 credits.
  • No more than 3 credits of online coursework can count towards the enrollment minimums for F-1 status maintenance.
  • If you are graduating, you must submit a Proof of Graduation form to OISS at the beginning of your graduating semester/term.

Online Classes Rule

  • International students are allowed to take web-based classes; however, only a certain amount of credits can be web-based.
  • Undergraduate Students:
    • If you’re taking 12 credits, only 3 can be web-based.
    • If you’re taking 15 credits, only 6 can be web-based.
    • If you’re taking 18 credits, only 9 can be web-based.
  • Graduate Students:
    • If you’re taking 9 credits, only 3 can be web-based.
    • If you’re taking 12 credits, only 6 credits can be web-based.
  • Graduate/Teaching/Research Assistants:
    • If you’re taking 6 credits, only 3 can be web-based.
    • If you’re taking 9 credits, only 6 can be web-based.


  • Get a breakdown of tuition and fees.
  • If you are unable to pay for a semester’s tuition, you may enroll in a payment plan.
  • Payment for tuition should be made by the last Friday BEFORE school starts. Failure to do so can result in late fees or eviction from classes. Being evicted from classes will lead to a loss of your F-1 status.
  • For more information, tuition payment options, and deadlines, visit the Cashiering & Student Accounts website or call 1-702-895-3577.

International Student Fee

The U.S. government sets a variety of requirements for schools that enroll international students. The International Student fee is necessary for the university to meet those new requirements and continue to provide the services international students need to maintain their lawful immigration status and adjust to life in the U.S. and Las Vegas. The $145 per semester fee is assessed to those students on an F-1 status holding a current I-20 issued by UNLV.

The revenue generated by this fee will be used directly toward the services provided only to international students. As an international student, your fee will:

  • Help you understand the many regulations that affect international students. You will get more help from OISS advisors.
  • Go toward technical improvements in the OISS office to make it easier for you to request documents, make appointments, and update your information in office database and SEVIS programs.
  • Enable the OISS office to offer you more workshops.
  • Ensure that the university meets the unique needs of international students.

Academic Advising Centers

If you need advice on what classes to take or how to declare a major, the advising centers are here to help guide your academic college career. Visit the advising website to locate your advising center and make an appointment with an academic advisor.


  • After you have applied for graduation, you MUST show ISS proof. This allows you to be registered with fewer-than-full-time credits in your last semester while maintaining your lawful F-1 status. Print out the Proof of Graduation form and submit it to OISS.
  • If you want to have a letter to confirm you have been maintaining lawful F-1 status and enrolling full-time at UNLV to assist with your parents’ visit to the U.S. to attend your graduation ceremony, please request an F-1 Status and Enrollment Confirmation letter from OISS.