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Directory of Resources

The Office of Faculty Affairs website, in conjunction with the UNLV Faculty Center, is a primary resource for support of all faculty at UNLV.  In addition to our dedicated pages for Faculty Resources and Teaching Resources, we provide below a quick reference guide to many of the most requested offices and services for new faculty.

Institutional Resources

Office of the President

Location: FDH 7th Floor (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3201


Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Location: FDH 752 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3301


Ombuds Office

The Ombuds seeks to resolve conflicts, first and foremost, by listening and remaining neutral. The Ombuds may help parties reconsider or reframe an issue, may suggest formal avenues of conflict resolution, may bring issues to the attention of campus leadership, or identify opportunities for systemic change. The Ombuds may make suggestions on how individuals can better give voice to their concerns. As a mediator, the Ombuds and those conducting mediation services under the authority of the Ombuds Office provide a place for parties with a conflict to explore solutions in a voluntary, informal process.

Location: FDH 165 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2242


Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources at UNLV manages a variety of programs for creating a positive and productive work environment. Whether you're a part of the UNLV faculty and staff community, are thinking about joining us, or have retired, we are here to help. We offer the support, services, and opportunities to help enhance your personal and professional life.

Location: CSB 237 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3504



REBELearn is UNLV’s enterprise-wide learning management system (LMS) focused on employee professional development. REBELearn delivers, consolidates, and tracks campus training activities including required compliance-based courses and professional development offerings. You can also find information on learning opportunities provided through UNLV's memberships in organizations like Academic Impressions, NCFDD, LinkedIn Learning, Educause, EAB, and Gartner Research. 


Interactive Campus Map

In addition to providing directions to various campus locations, this site also provides photos and other information about each building.


Academic Schools, Colleges, and Departments

This page is a handy reference list of contact information for all academic units.


Administrative Units

This page is a handy reference list with links to all administrative units on campus.


Office of Decision Support

Integrating the primary data functions of the campus in one office, the Office of Decision Support is responsible for supporting the university leadership in its commitment to accountability and evidence-based decision making. The office provides a comprehensive foundation for data collection, integration, analysis, and reporting.

Location: MAB 1 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3771



RebelCard is your official UNLV identification card. The all-in-one card grants access to campus services, discounts, and more. For added convenience, it also serves as a debit card. Simply deposit money to your RebelCard to make purchases using RebelCash at select on- and off-campus merchants, the UNLV Bookstore, and campus vending machines.

Location: SU 118 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2351


UNLV Bookstore

The UNLV Bookstore, located south of the Student Union was renovated in 2000 to better serve the campus. Visit the official campus bookstore’s website for more information. Faculty also can visit FacultyEnlight™, our research and adoption website.

While you may research and even adopt without becoming a registered user, there are many benefits to registering, such as:

  • Access to your adoption history for the past three years
  • Affiliation with multiple campuses
  • Storing favorite materials in an easy to access Favorites List
  • Leaving product reviews for the materials you have adopted

Location: BKS (Map)
Phone: 702-895-4169


Student Union and Event Services

Student Union and Event Services (SUES) is proud to be an ACCED-I certified “one- stop shop” offering meeting and event services for all groups on campus. We pride ourselves on being able to assist you with your function- whether it is a conference, reception, sports camp, training, advertising, wedding or anything else you have planned.

SUES schedules spaces in the following areas:

  • Student Union, which include a large ballroom, theater, and 13 meeting rooms.
  • Outdoor spaces: Pida Plaza, Courtyard, Academic Mall, SRWC Lawn, and more.
  • Center for Social Justice: two meeting rooms and an outdoor patio./li>
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center: two meeting rooms, 3 multipurpose rooms, 4 basketball courts, 2 MAC courts and swimming pool.

In addition to scheduling services, SUES offers registration (custom registration site, name badges, etc.) and notary services.

Location: SU 315 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-4449


UNLV Athletics

The UNLV Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is proud to support the university’s mission by providing an outstanding academic, athletic and personal- growth experience for our student-athletes. We commit to excellence and the highest ethical standards in intercollegiate athletics. We strive to be effective stewards of our financial resources and embrace our community through public service, while serving as a source of pride in the State of Nevada through our successful athletic programs. For information on faculty/staff tickets and discounts, visit the Tickets webpage, call 702-895-2958 or visit the Thomas and Mack Box Office.

Location: Thomas and Mack Box Office (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2958


Student walking in the Student Union

Teaching & Technology Support

Office of Online Education

The mission of the Office of Online Education is to empower faculty to combine engaging teaching and learning strategies with technology, enabling students to achieve academic goals and prepare for the future. We strive to actively contribute to the evolution of online teaching and learning at UNLV through our collaborations with faculty and staff.

Location: MAB-1 170 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-0334


Office of Accessibility Resources

Under Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and as amended in 2008, UNLV must provide persons with disabilities equal opportunities to participate in the programs, benefits, and services we offer. UNLV has created the Office of Accessibility Resources to help ensure the accessibility of UNLV digital materials and technology to meet our obligations to faculty, staff and students with disabilities.

Unlike the Disabilities Resource Center, which specifically focuses on accommodations for UNLV students with disabilities, the Office of Accessibility Resources team provides advising, education, technical support and resources to our administrators, faculty and staff in developing, adopting and procuring accessible digital materials and technologies.

Location: CBC-C 326 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-4512


Office of Education Compliance

The Office of Educational Compliance (OEC) provides the UNLV community with guidance, resources, and support to promote UNLV’s compliance with federal & state laws and university policies with regard to consumer protections and pertinent approvals required for UNLV business and education activities that take place in other states, U.S. territories, and foreign countries. Examples include, but are not limited to: Online courses/programs with students physically located outside of Nevada, field experiences/internships for UNLV students that take place outside of Nevada, and professional board approvals in other states for online professional licensure programs.

Location: FDH 531 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-1346


Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the central unit responsible for supporting the academic, research, and administrative aims of the campus through the effective use of technology. OIT supports computer labs, desktop computers, instructional technology, campus-wide systems, and network infrastructures. OIT offers two computing help desks and software training.

For assistance with password resets, new accounts, wireless, email, WebCampus, or other computing problems, contact the IT Help Desk.

Location: HWB 105A (Map)
IT Help Desk Phone: 702-895-0777


A man and a woman working on a laptop

Research Support

Office of Research Integrity

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) promotes all facets of research integrity at the university. It serves as the central hub for the institution’s bioethics and safety committees, including IRB, IACUC, IBC, Radiation Safety, Accelerator Safety, and Chemical Safety. Beyond overseeing these compliance committees, ORI promotes research integrity through its RCR education initiatives. Finally, it houses the Clinical Trials Office, Export Control Office, and co-coordinates the university’s financial conflict of interest committee in conjunction with the Office of the Provost.

Location: FDH 320 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2794


Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development within the Division of Research and Economic Development works with public and private partners to address real-world needs and bring life-changing products and services to the market utilizing resources and talent. By attracting industry-sponsored research, developing intellectual property, and partnering with companies and organizations that share our vision, we are able to support economic development at all stages, from ideas to dollars.

Location: FDH 314 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-5200


Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has implemented a lifecycle management approach in research administration. The ‘pre-award’ through ‘post-award’ services for sponsored programs include research, public service, instruction, and other scholarly activities. OSP serves as the principal point of contact for individuals seeking and/or managing external funding. OSP acknowledges and supports the efforts of faculty in seeking and utilizing external funding on behalf of their own professional interests and on behalf of the university’s mission.

Location: RAB 105 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-1357


University Libraries

Located at the center of campus, Lied Library and our satellite libraries are committed to providing our students and faculty with the information and the research skills essential for academic success. Our library collections and our outstanding staff also serve as the center of lifelong learning for the diverse and dynamic southern Nevada community.

Location: LLB (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2111


Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research inspires, supports, and nurtures undergraduate students in their efforts to discover, innovate, create, and experience research at UNLV. We help undergraduate students get research ready and connect them with faculty for successful and transformative research experiences. The programs and services we offer include:

  • Individual research consultations
  • Scholarships and funding
  • Triannual research symposia in the fall, spring, and summer
  • Professional development and career training workshops
  • Biweekly newsletter and media to highlight latest UNLV research news and opportunities for undergraduate researchers

Location: CDC Building 1 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2546


Students at the Lied Library

Student Support Services

Academic Advising/Student Success

UNLV currently has 12 academic advising centers on campus, each with its own unique approach to working with that unit’s majors. The advising centers on campus are as follows: Academic Success Center (advises exploring majors), Business, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Honors, Hospitality, Liberal Arts, Pre- Professional, Sciences, and Urban Affairs. In addition to the on-campus advising centers, UNLV also has satellite advising units located at three College of Southern Nevada (CSN) campuses and Nellis Air Force Base.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at UNLV is responsible for the institutional objectives and general leadership of the academic advising community, as well as the promotion of the value and progress of academic advising at UNLV. The academic advising community plays a critical part in the retention, progression, and completion goals of the colleges and the university at-large.

Location: CDC Building 2 201 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-5285


General Education

General Education is a set of requirements that introduces undergraduate students to the university's academic community and expectations. All UNLV students must complete the General Education requirements to earn an undergraduate degree.

The purpose of the UNLV General Education Program is to foster attainment of knowledge and skills that will enable students to maximize learning in their academic majors and thrive in their lives and careers after graduation.

The UNLV University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (UULOs) describe the knowledge and skills that empower students to be successful in and after college. These UULOs challenge students to:

  • Become effective inquirers, critical thinkers
  • Become effective oral and written communicators
  • Participate knowledgeably and ethically in civic life
  • Develop knowledge of the world's diverse societies
  • Understand and integrate basic principles of natural and social sciences, humanities and fine arts into their learning
  • Continue their learning throughout their lives

Office of Undergraduate Education Location: FDH 703 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-1267


Summer Term

Summer Term is a self-supporting program which empowers students to get ahead and graduate sooner. It offers additional opportunities to earn college credit: Undergraduate students can attain up to an additional eighteen credits, and graduate students can earn up to twelve credits.

Phone: 702-895-3711


UNLV Creates

UNLV Creates is the annual academic welcoming ceremony that provides new students and their families a formal and engaging event that welcomes them to the university, educates them about the transformative opportunities of a college degree, and highlights faculty creativity, inspiration, and discovery. This annual event takes place during Welcome Day each August. The event includes an academic convocation in which the university community will welcome the incoming fall class. Faculty and staff from across the university are invited to be a part of this event.

During the ceremony, students will also be asked to make a pledge to graduate from UNLV and will receive their UNLV Rebel Cord to be worn at graduation. This tradition signifies the beginning of their college career.

Location: CDC Building 2 202 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2614


Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is committed to supporting students with disabilities at UNLV through the appropriate use of advocacy, accommodations, and supportive services to ensure access to campus courses, services, and activities. The DRC is the university-designated office that determines and facilitates reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Location: SSC-A 143 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-0866


UNLV Writing Center

The UNLV Writing Center offers free writing consultations to active members of the UNLV community, including students, faculty, and staff. We work with writers from every discipline, and we consult on any writing project, from academic papers to creative projects to résumés and personal statements.

We help writers with all writing tasks, including getting started, breaking through writer’s block, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and more. Additionally, although we do not provide editing or proofreading services, we can help writers develop their own strategies for more effective editing and proofreading.

We offer face-to-face appointments, a walk-in quick questions service, and an online writing lab (OWL). We present workshops for undergrads, grad students, and faculty throughout the semester. We provide ten-to-fifteen minute presentations about the Writing Center and its services in your classes, and our staff work directly with instructors to provide guided writing workshops during class time. Finally, our revamped website offers a variety of resources for writers at UNLV.

Location: CDC Building 3 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3908


Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct assists students, faculty and staff with the conduct code and policy enforcement; serves as a resource to the campus community surrounding student conflict resolution; and provides an extensive outreach program that includes presentations such as academic integrity and preventing academic misconduct, conflict resolution and managing disruptive behavior.

Our goal is to foster an environment where students have an opportunity to be accountable for their behavior and continue their education in a supportive atmosphere.

Location: CDC Building 1 118 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-2308


Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

College is both an exciting and challenging time for students. The academic, social, and environmental demands can become highly stressful and interfere with students’ academic performance, social relationships, and physical health. CAPS is staffed by counselors who specialize in working with college students to resolve problems commonly experienced by students of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Currently enrolled students who have paid their current Health/Mental Health Fees are eligible for counseling services free of charge.

All information at CAPS is kept strictly confidential from all other campus records. Students may call CAPS to schedule an initial intake appointment, and for urgent situations, students may walk-in to see a counselor during open office hours.

For faculty and staff, CAPS provides consultation services for students of concern and trainings on how to respond to students in distress. Additionally, faculty and staff may contact us to schedule educational trainings for their department or classroom. Topics for educational trainings include college students and mental health, healthy interpersonal relationships, stress-management, overcoming procrastination, eating disorders awareness, and alcohol and other drug misuse

Location: SRWC Third Floor (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3627


UNLV Food Pantry

The UNLV Food Pantry is a year-round food pantry that provides non-perishable items to university students, staff, and faculty who are in need of additional support. The pantry is designed to provide the UNLV community with the essential items needed to foster both academic and professional growth. The UNLV Food Pantry also provides educational classes that are focused on a wide range of nutrition and healthy lifestyle topics. Support for the UNLV Food Pantry comes directly from UNLV and UNLV supporters in the form of donations, food drives, and volunteer services.

Location: Paradise Campus ,851 E Tropicana Ave. # 600, Las Vegas, NV 89154 (Map)
Phone: 541-231-2825


Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach (The Center)

The Center is a set of federally funded college opportunity programs designed to motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree.

The Center serves eligible participants who are low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post-baccalaureate degree.

The Center provides academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial literacy & guidance, and other supports necessary for educational access, retention and graduation. We provide direct support services for students, as well as relevant national training for directors and their staff.

Location: SSC-A 301 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-4777


A student talking to the front desk staff of the Academic Success Center

Campus Community Resources

International Programs

The Office of International Programs is committed to the development of global perspectives and intercultural understanding through high quality faculty and student programs abroad that focus on international education. The Office of International Programs furthers the mission of UNLV by offering multidisciplinary programs abroad, which include opportunities for students and faculty to work cooperatively and develop skills that serve Nevada in its role in the global community.

Location: CBC-B 325 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3896


International Students and Scholars

International Students and Scholars (ISS) ensures compliance with both SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and federal law, so that the university can continue to be authorized by the U.S. federal government to:

  • enroll international students;
  • host and hire international scholars;
  • assist and advise employment eligibility and authorization relating to international students and scholars, and visa, travel, and immigration issues;
  • provide critical and specialized services to the international students and scholars of the UNLV community;
  • and facilitate their transition to the campus and the U.S.

Location: SSC-A 201 (Map)
Phone: 702-774-6477


Diversity Initiatives

The mission of the Office of Diversity Initiatives (ODI) is to provide leadership and support for UNLV’s diversity mission: to nurture equity, diversity, and inclusiveness that promotes respect, support, and empowerment. ODI will accomplish this by facilitating policy creation and compliance; supporting strategies that enhance professional development, mentoring, recruitment and retention; as well as working in collaboration with campus and community partners to foster and encourage cultural competency.

Location: FDH 552 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-5580


The Intersection: Academic Multicultural Resource Center

The Intersection: Academic Multicultural Resource Center is a comprehensive and sustainable resource center for students — particularly first-generation and students of color — faculty and staff, and our community at large. The Intersection provides access and linkages to research, people, information, and services.

The Intersection’s initiatives stimulate academic engagement, promote intellectual development, and encourage best practices in higher education.

  • Students — We’re here to help you navigate the campus and enrich your academic careers. We are developing our programs with the recognition that UNLV’s highly diverse student body — particularly first-generation and students of color — have unique needs.
  • Faculty and Staff — Enhance your effectiveness as educational leaders through training, best practices and cultural competency-building workshops. We encourage you to use The Intersection as your place to connect with students and each other around issues in multicultural education and research.
  • Campus partners — The Intersection is creating linkages among academic units, student support services, and campus organizations. We’re here to extend the reach of all the many programs that affect our students’ academic success and make accessing them easier. And, by collaborating with campus partners, we are bringing an academic perspective to a number of well-established programs to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Community organizations and businesses — We’re a point of contact for members of the greater Southern Nevada community. Through The Intersection, groups can become partners in the development of our future leaders.

Location: SU 121 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-0459


Office of Student Diversity & Social Justice

Student Diversity & Social Justice (SDSJ) advocates with a diverse student population to amplify and affirm students’ identities through an intersectional framework. We are a student-centered office committed to educating, empowering, and developing UNLV students as leaders to recognize and address societal injustices. SDSJ provides student workshop/training topics such as Gender and Sexuality (Safe Zone), Know Your Rights Series, Cultural Competence Decision Making and Leadership, Racial Justice and other inclusion/equity topics. There are also programmatic initiatives, institutional advocacy and various services that are facilitated by five Identity Program Coordinators throughout the year.

Location: SU 309 (Map) and Houssels House (Map)
Phone: 702-895-7375


Office of Service Learning & Leadership

The Office of Service Learning & Leadership serves as the hub service-learning on campus, providing direct support for service-learning practice as well as a range of faculty development opportunities and department or program-level consultations. In addition to supporting service-learning across campus, we offer numerous academic and co-curricular programs that help students discover self, learn in community, and influence systems while pursuing social justice including Alternative Breaks and the Leadership Development & Engagement academic certificate program in partnership with the College of Education.

Location: SU 316 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-1352


Women’s Council

The mission of the Women’s Council is to advocate for transparency, gender equity, and gender diversity and to provide support and resources for women and families across campus. The Women's Council advocates for a high quality work-life, contributes to the creation, implementation, and monitoring of initiatives designed to ensure equitable and respectful treatment, and promotes the value and support of professional success and personal growth on behalf of women on campus. All academic, administrative, and classified staff are invited to join the Women’s Council.

Phone: 702-895-4931
Email: women'


The CARE Center

The CARE Center (The CARE Center) is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all genders through programming, services, and advocacy for the UNLV community. Each year we plan and promote special events related to sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and parenting issues centered on identity months to help educate the UNLV community on how to put an end to these issues and be the solution.

We CARE for any student, faculty or staff member who has experienced sexual assault, stalking, domestic/dating violence, or is concerned for a friend. We strive to be inclusive of our diverse campus population, therefore we strive to be inclusive of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, legal status, students with disabilities, and other identities.

Location: SSC-A 255 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-4475


Office of Community Engagement

UNLV’s Office of Community Engagement seeks to support, facilitate, and promote collaboration, partnership, and engagement between the university and its many constituent groups. The office works to advance the university’s Top Tier Vision and Mission, especially the Community Partnerships Goal of stimulating economic development and diversification, enriching the intellectual and cultural vitality of our community, deepening and expanding our connections, and leveraging our unique strengths to collaborate locally, nationally, and internationally.

Location: GUA 1302 (Map)
Phone: 702-895-4298


Multiple students walking on campus

Health & Safety Resources

Police Services

University Police Services is committed to protecting and serving our campus communities and providing a safe and secure learning environment through collaboration and professionalism.

Location: University Gateway (PKG3) (Map)
Front desk/Information - 702-895-5575
Non-Emergency - 702-895-3668
Emergency - 702-895-3669



RebelSAFE Alert: RebelSAFE Alert is the emergency notification system used for incidents that present an imminent threat to life, health or safety to UNLV students, employees, faculty, and community members. RebelSAFE Alert messages provide emergency information and instructions to protect yourself during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, RebelSAFE Alert will send emails, text messages, post to University Police Services Facebook and Twitter, push notifications to the RebelSAFE Mobile App, and provide audio and visual warnings to computer desktops, digital advertising kiosks, RebelSAFE Emergency Phones, and UNLV websites.

RebelSAFE Mobile App: RebelSAFE is the official mobile safety app of UNLV. The RebelSAFE Mobile App provides UNLV students, employees, faculty, and community members with a number of features to keep themselves safe.

  • Quickly dial Police Services to request help, report a crime in progress, report suspicious activities, or for any other emergency.
  • Request late night security escorts.
  • Real-time chat with Police Services Dispatch personnel.
  • Submit anonymous crime tips.
  • Receive RebelSAFE Alert push notifications.
  • Virtual escort to share your GPS location with a friend or family member until you safely reach your destination.
  • Other safety related information and services offered by Police Services and Health & Wellness.

Location: University Gateway (PKG3) (Map)
Phone: 702-895-5766


Faculty and Staff Treatment Center

The Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center and the Student Health Center (SHC) at UNLV provide a comprehensive array of health and wellness services on campus to UNLV students, faculty, staff, and dependents age 5 years and older. The FAST Center and SHC are nationally accredited and are staffed by board certified physicians and nurse practitioners.

Services offered by the FAST Center and SHC include evaluation and treatment of various illnesses and injuries, wellness and preventative exams, medication refills, and minor surgical procedures. Additionally, there is a Registered Dietitian available, as well as a full-service pharmacy and laboratory on-site. Appointments may be made by calling 702-895-0630 (faculty/staff) or 702-895-3370 (students).

Appointments are also available on our Patient Portal.

Location: SRWC 1500 (Map)
Appointments - 702-895-0630
Laboratory/Blood Draw Appointments - 702-895-0280
Medical Records - 702-895-0680


Campus Recreational Services

Campus Recreational Services welcomes UNLV Faculty and Staff members and offers memberships for $25/month. Memberships can be paid for on a monthly basis at our service desk or you can choose to utilize our payroll deduction option. Our facility offers:

  • A six-lane, 25-yard lap pool
  • Spa, leisure and vortex pool
  • Cardio equipment, selectorized strength equipment, functional trainers, and free weights
  • Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, & Special Events
  • Outdoor Adventure trips and equipment rentals
  • Private Swim lessons
  • Group Fitness (Rebel X) Classes: 75+ per week
  • Personal Trainers, fitness assessments, and body composition analysis
  • Locker rentals & Inclusive locker room
  • American Red Cross certifications
  • Youth Summer Camps
  • Bike Shop

Location: SRWC (Map)
Phone: 702-774-7100


Medicine staff examining something

Other Resources

Nevada Faculty Alliance

Nevada Faculty Alliance is the Nevada affiliate of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). We advocate for the interests of our members, including faculty, professional staff, and graduate students holding a teaching assistantship.

Phone: 702-530-4632


Integrated Graphics Services

Our services include award-winning graphic design and a full range of printing services, including products like business cards, stationery items, brochures, newsletters, magazines, course packs, books, black and white and color copies, invitations, signage, certificates, calendars and other stock items, and imprinted specialty items.

Integrated Graphics Services offers a variety of printing technologies (offset, digital, wide format, variable data, and signage) on campus at our main location, just west of the Lied Library and at our satellite location, Rebel Copy & Send, in the Student Union. Our printing services are available to all university-related departments and individuals. We provide these services through our internal operation and strategic partners we have contracts with so there’s no need for to look further than Integrated Graphics Services.

Location: PRO (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3213


Lied Center for Real Estate

The Lied Center for Real Estate advances the real estate profession, informs business practice, and addresses issues that affect the real estate profession through education, research, advocacy, and community outreach.

Location: BEH 530 (Map)


Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement fosters positive relationships with students, alumni, supporters, and community partners to generate support for UNLV and enhance the university’s missions of teaching, research, and public service.

Location: FND (Map)
Phone: 702-895-3641


Students visiting UNLV Copy and Send's new location in the Student Union