Dedicated Education Unit

Southern Nevada's First DEU

The UNLV School of Nursing and The Valley Health System opened the first DEU in Southern Nevada during spring 2012 at Summerlin Hospital. The second opened during fall 2014 at Spring Valley Hospital. These are the only DEUs in the state and both are available to UNLV students only.

The DEU creates an optimum learning environment for students. Each semester, students partner with clinical dedicated education unit instructors (CDI) who are experts in patient care. Each CDI mentors two students.

School of Nursing faculty further develop the teaching skills of each CDI to ensure students receive the appropriate level of instruction and training.

The UNLV nursing program comprises four semesters of 15 consecutive weeks. Students in their second and third semesters spend one 12-hour shift in the DEU every other week. Students in their fourth semesters may spend as many as three 12-hours shifts each week.

During August, Level 3 and Level 4 students in the Dedicated Education Units competed in the Leadership and Evidence Based Practice poster presentation at Summerlin Hospital. A panel of judges comprised of faculty and preceptors evaluated the research posters prepared by students and named a winning team from each level.

Dedicated Education Unit Introduction

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