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Nurse Camp Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from past nurse campers who found the experience memorable and fun.

Adrian Espanto's headshot

"I had a blast. It exceeded my expectations."


Breeani Whitehead's headshot

"Seeing the nurses in the ICU made my appreciation for them rise."


Vivionna McGinnis's headshot

"I switched my major to nursing because I really liked it."


Bella Yarwood's headshot

"This experience really reinforced my passion and love for nursing."


Caleb Lewis's headshot

"Every day, it felt more and more exciting to wake up and go."


Kalina's headshot
"After going to the camp at UNLV, it helped me decide I would love to attend the nursing program when I graduate."


Keira's headshot
"Until I went to UNLV Nurse Camp in the summer of 2021, I never knew what I wanted to specialize in. By the third day, I was certain nursing was the career path for me."


Camila's headshot
"I thought it would be a fun way to learn about something I was possibly interested in. After going to nurse camp, I'm more than possibly interested. I'm practically dead set that this is something I would want to spend my life doing."