Vision and Goals


The overarching goal of the School of Nursing is to shape the future of nursing education, research and practice. To that end, the faculty have accepted “Shaping the future of nursing today” as the school’s motto.


  1. Ensure undergraduate and graduate programs provide high quality innovative student-centered educational programs.
  2. Establish strong reciprocal relationships with the community through practice.
  3. Establish urban sustainability: health and nursing education (including clinical simulation) as areas of research strength.
  4. Ensure an effective shared governance structure and process.
  5. Enhance the SON's reputation for quality educational programs, research, and graduates locally, regionally, and nationally.


We value the needs of learners, health care consumers and stakeholders in the development and revision of programs and initiatives.

The program fosters interprofessional practice and professional development in response to the changing health care needs of the community.

The primary responsibility for acquiring nursing knowledge, skills, and attitudes belongs with the learner. The teacher acts as a facilitator and resource by creating, organizing and maintaining a supportive learning environment.

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