Nontraditional Students

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The road to a college degree isn’t always a straight line from point A to B. As a student who may not feel they represent the “traditional” undergraduate student, you may be looking for more than what is expected from a traditional undergraduate experience. Whether you are coming to UNLV to help you advance in your career, to become a role model for your friends/family, or if you’re finally ready to achieve your dream of earning your college degree, you will be joining a diverse body of students who are all endeavoring to fulfill goals very similar to yours.

UNLV is dedicated to providing guidance, support, and resources to enhance educational experience from orientation to graduation, and that is especially true for students who may identify as non-traditional. UNLV strives to foster an environment of scholarship and service, where students feel that they belong to a community, no matter the path that led you to becoming a Rebel.

You may classify yourself as a non-traditional student if you identify as any of the following:

  • You are 24 years of age or older;
  • You have dependent children or loved ones;
  • You have had an interruption or delay in your education since high school;
  • You serve or have served in the military;
  • You do not feel you fit in with the traditional undergraduate student body.

Whatever path you’ve followed, and however many stops along the way you have had to make, UNLV is here to welcome you to becoming part of the Rebel Nation.