2017-2018 Re-Entry Scholarship Recipient Student Highlights

Every Fall semester the Division of Educational Outreach hosts a luncheon to recognize the Re-Entry Scholarship recipients for their accomplishments and to mingle.

Jennifer Atton

“As a second-year recipient of the Osher Re-Entry Scholarship, I was able to have this amazing opportunity to not only attend UNLV but have support and encouragement to give young mothers the confidence to pursue their dreams.”

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019
Major: Accounting BSBA

Lisa Howland

“The Osher Re-Entry Scholarship has helped me in the obvious way of relieving financial pressure of my household, of which I am very grateful. On a deeper level, receiving the scholarship serves as an affirmation that I am right where I belong and that my life's hardships and consequential immersion in academia are recognized and are being rewarded. This support is deeply meaningful to me and allows me to dig deeper into my studies and future professional endeavors which will enable me to serve the Las Vegas community in the best way I can.”

Expected Graduation: Spring 2018
Major: Psychology
Minor: Addictions Treatment

Matthew Monalto

“Becoming a part of the UNLV campus helped to develop me into a better student and member of the Las Vegas community. I am proud of my experience at UNLV and look forward to the bright future I’ve worked so hard for.”

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019
Major: English – Concentration in Creative Writing

Shelby Bien

"Your speed does not matter, forward is forward."
-Ralph Smart

Expected Graduation: Fall 2018
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies