Medical Genetics Clinics

About Medical Genetics

The application of Genetics in health care has allowed medical professionals to offer diagnostic, therapeutic and risk assessment strategies for individuals or families with conditions, which may have a genetic etiology. These conditions may range from being severe and life threatening to being relatively benign and of little consequence, but all can affect any organ system and present at any age. There are many causes of genetic conditions, ranging from changes in the number or structure of your chromosomes, to single gene mutations (amongst others). There are also numerous disorders, which possess a genetic component. The ability to peer into an individual’s genetic makeup has reached a point where the use of this biomedical technology can directly address the health care needs of our patients.

A Medical Genetics clinic can evaluate and decide if and to what degree a genetic condition is contributing health and disease, and how best to offer therapeutics. This acts as a consultative service in assisting patients’ health care professionals in caring for them, in offering recommendations concerning focused genetics testing, and in treatment options, which may supply better outcomes. Genetic factors are now known to influence or cause diseases which are frequently seen in society, and this service is meant to advance the health care of the afflicted by recognizing and addressing how these heritable elements impact the lives of our patients.