Wu Lab

Graduate Assistantships for Biostatistics Ph.D. Students

Dr. Qing Wu is looking for Ph.D. students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Health with a concentration in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Schools of Community Health Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Competitive graduate assistantships at the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine are available. The preferred candidates for the graduate assistantship should have:

  1. Master’s degree in Computer Sciences or Biostatistics or related fields
  2. Experience programming in C++, Java, R, Python, and other scripting languages
  3. Proficiency in SAS programming, experience using SAS-callable SUDAAN
  4. Research interests in Personalized Medicine, Public Health, and genotype imputation/analysis

Interested individuals should apply online through the UNLV website. The deadline is April. 1 each year. More information about the graduate college at UNLV can be found here.

Questions about the research program, should contact Dr. Wu at qing.wu@unlv.edu.