NGS and Genotyping Services

The Nevada Institute for Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at UNLV will soon be operational for serving collaborators’ and clients’ needs for next-generation nucleic acid sequencing and genotyping, starting with RNA sequencing. NIPM’s Illumina NextSeq instrument and support lab will now accept expressions of interest, on- and off-campus. At present, RNA sequencing is preferred; capability to provide genome sequencing – Whole Exome Sequencing, Whole Transcriptome Sequencing, and Whole Genome Sequencing – is planned in the future. A PCR capability further will allow genotyping services. With properly prepared samples and schedule openings, NIPM can generate raw data files for your project within several weeks, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please submit interest in NIPM NGS to James Timmins, NIPM Business Officer, at [email protected].