Your child can learn about music and the brain by participating in an EEG study!

What does your child hear when they listen to music? At UNLV's Music Lab we study how infants and children learn about music, language, and their surroundings. While listening to different sounds, we measure infant and child’s brain activity at the surface of the scalp using an entirely non-invasive procedure. We are looking for child participants ages 7-13 years for our fun and interactive study! Participants will be scheduled for two visits to the lab, and will receive a toy or t-shirt on visit one, plus a $20 gift card (Target or Amazon) at the end of visit two. This is a great way to do something unique and fun with your child, while discovering more about child development as your child plays with music!

We are open: Mon-Fri from 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm!

Protocol: [711150-14] Development of Auditory Cognition

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