Summer Session III Graduate Course: Management and Leadership in Higher Education

This graduate level summer session III course, Management and Leadership in Higher Education (EDH 750), concentrates on the role of the administrator in higher education institutions with varying systems of governance ranging from collective bargaining to collegial decision-making. Today's successful higher education administrators are distinguished by their capacity to adapt to and master the changing demands of a job and an organization rather than by a single set of skills or approaches to leadership. Successful administrative performance requires an ability to understand institutional settings and their context.

This course focuses on the organizational and governance context within which the administrator operates. It is designed to develop skills and problem-solving capabilities, grounded in theory and current research that are useful and practical for decision making in higher education institutions. Students will be encouraged to develop, practice, and critically examine alternative patterns of thinking and behavior in order to broaden their capacity to respond to the changing managerial and leadership needs in higher education organizations. 

This summer session III course is open to both degree- and non-degree-seeking students/professionals who want a bit more professional development in the area of higher education institutions and leadership.

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