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Reserve Your Spring Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Today

Nov 30, 2018 | Announcements

Spring faculty and staff meal plans now are available. Buy your plan today and make lunch one less thing you have to worry about in the spring. 

Did you know that we offer meal plans designed specifically for faculty and staff? Or that the Dining Commons is open to the entire campus community? With a meal plan you'll always pay less than the door rate at the DC and you'll never pay taxes on any purchases made with Dining Dollars. 

We'll do all of the shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning; We make eating on campus easy. 

Don't want to pay all at once for a meal plan? With our EZ payment plans you can pay in three installments instead of paying the full price up front. If you buy your meal plan now, it will be paid for by February!

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Anna Brandenberger