RebelSAFE App Features

Are you taking advantage of all the features available on the University Police Services' RebelSAFE App? Let’s take a tour:

  • RebelRides: RebelRides is a complimentary shuttle service, sponsored by UNLV CSUN, to provide UNLV students and staff with safe transportation to their vehicles and residential halls. This function provides operating hours and a shuttle route map information. If you’re looking to call for a security escort, this option is still available within this section.
  • Maintenance Request: Submit a UNLV facilities maintenance request, whether you are a student, faculty, visitor, or staff member, by completing the form within this section. You can even take a photo through the RebelSAFE App to attach to your request.
  • Report a Tip: University Police urges our campuses to practice #SeeSomethingSaySomething. Report a suspicious item or incident by completing the form within this section. Your response will immediately be sent to UPD Dispatch. 
  • Emergency Phones: RebelSAFE emergency phones are located throughout campus for students, employees, faculty, and community members to request help, report a crime in progress, request an escort, or for any other emergency. This section provides you with maps of emergency phone locations on the Maryland and Shadow Lane campuses.
  • Chat with Dispatch: Text chat directly with UPD Dispatch. You can also reach UPD Dispatch directly in the event of an emergency with the "University Police 9-1-1" button. 
  • Police Services: Learn more about University Police and the services we offer, like: property registration, lost & found, fingerprinting & notary services, self-defense classes, crime-tips, and more! 

Still don’t have the app? Why not? The RebelSAFE App is the official mobile safety app of UNLV. It provides campus and community members with a number of features to help keep you safe, including push notifications with emergency alert messaging. Download the app for free today on iTunes or the Google Play Store

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