Office of Decision Support Relaunches Website

The office of decision support is pleased to announce the relaunch of its official website, redesigned for ease of use, and placing frequently used reports and analytics tools at your fingertips.

The new site features Reports with improved graphics and ways to explore UNLV data. It also answers frequently asked questions, such as: How many applications did the university have last year? What was our average class size? How many degrees did we award to Hispanic students? Many of the reports are open to the public. Additional information is available for employees who can log in with an ACE-ID.

The site also offers access to UNLV Analytics for student data. This tool provides dashboard reports and ad hoc querying. University dashboards provide summaries of key trends, metrics, comparisons, and exceptions that are meaningful to academic and business operations. The dashboards have interactive features to allow users to drill down, filter, and break out key metrics. UNLV Analytics allows trained users to do ad hoc querying of underlying UNLV data warehouse tables.

The website includes information on UNLV's data governance process, including the university's data dictionary, which provides sets of institutional definitions and their technical implementations in a central metadata repository. The website provides information about UNLV's centrally administered course evaluations including answers to frequently asked questions and resources on increasing response rates.

The website provides an easy process to request data from the home page. Whether the data request is for information on current courses, data access for research projects, or summative analysis for decision making, it can all be found in one location.

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