Office of Community Engagement 2022 Awards

The office of community engagement seeks to support, facilitate, and promote collaboration, partnership, and engagement between the university and its many communities.

In support of its mission, the office is calling for faculty, staff, and student nominations for awards that recognize campus individuals for their exceptional community engagement in the areas of:

  • Service-Learning ($2,000 award)
  • Community-Based Research ($2,000 award)
  • Faculty/Staff Service ($1,500 award)
  • Student Service ($1,000 award)

To learn more and/or to apply, please visit the Community Engagement Awards Portal.

As part of the application process, two letters of recommendation are required -- one from a current faculty or staff member at UNLV and one from the primary, off-campus community partner involved with the community engagement project. (Please refer to the “Letter of Recommendation Guidance” document on the website.)  

Self-nominations are welcome. Applications must be submitted for an individual; group applications will not be considered. Applicants can apply for only one award in only one category per year. There is no requirement for the award to be given in every category every year. Award recipients will be recognized at the annual campus recognition ceremony.

To learn more or to apply, visit the Community Engagement Awards Portal. The deadline to apply is Feb. 8. Contact Tamara Marino over email or at (702) 895-2712 with questions.


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