New Gmail Becomes Default User Interface for UNLVMail Sept. 18

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the new Google Gmail interface will become the default look for UNLVMail and Rebelmail. If you prefer, you can switch back to classic Gmail until Tuesday, Oct. 16, when the new Google Gmail will become the permanent interface.  

The new Gmail interface brings new features, including:

  • Organize emails from your inbox: Quickly take action on your messages (e.g., mark as read, archive, delete, etc.) without opening them by hovering your cursor over the message.
  • Snooze emails until later: Temporarily remove emails from your inbox and have them show back up when you choose for them to reappear (Conversation view must be enabled).
  • AI-powered smart replies and follow-ups: Smart replies save you time by suggesting quick responses to your messages. Follow-ups will remind you to reply to emails you may have missed and to follow up on emails if you have not received any replies.
  • Use Calendar, Tasks, and Keeps within Gmail: Create new meetings, take notes, and add to-dos without switching apps with new Add-ons sidebar.

Learn how to use these and other new features. (The feature Confidential mode will not be enabled at this time).

Switch to the New Gmail
You can access the new Gmail now by signing in to Gmail, then clicking Settings and Try the new University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mail. To go back to the old Gmail, click Settings and Go back to University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mail.

Note: To access your contacts in new Gmail, click on the Apps launcher icon and select Contacts.

OIT will send out one last reminder before the new user interface becomes permanent on October 16. For more information about the new Gmail, please visit the G Suite Learning Center

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