New: Caller ID Verification on Campus Extensions

Caller ID from off-campus calls will now provide an alert if the caller has been verified by the originating telephone carrier. The caller ID for incoming calls will now begin with the symbol [V] to help you determine if they are legitimate or not:

Check your caller ID and use the below guidance to help determine if a call is legitimate:

  • Calls with a [V] symbol are verified as the legitimate owner of the number they are calling from
    • This means that there is a better chance of the call being legitimate.
    • Verified numbers can still be used for spam.
  • Calls without a [V] symbol are not verified
    • These calls may still be legitimate if the originating carrier is not yet participating in the new caller verification system.
    • There is a higher likelihood these calls are spam.

Individual carriers are responsible for the caller verification process. No provider is blocking unverified calls at this time. Additionally, the text used to denote verified calls may change over time. Telecommunications will provide updates as the system evolves.

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