Introduction to Workday Discovery Boards Workshop Now Available through REBELearn

We are pleased to announce a new online training course that teaches how to generate reports using Workday’s Discovery Boards tool. Discovery Boards is a user-friendly alternative to the system’s Report Writer tool that allows users to generate reports using data from across subject areas (Finance, HR, etc.).
The course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and can be accessed incrementally for those who cannot complete the course in one sitting. Visit REBELearn to start the course today.

Introduction to Workday Discovery Boards
Time: 1.5 hours
Description: This workshop teaches how to query Workday data using the Discovery Boards tool.

Employees will learn more about the following aspects of Workday:

  • The Workday Drive
  • How to create a Discovery Board
  • How to query a Workday data source and present the output in tables and charts
  • How to share a Discovery Board with others to collaborate on development or present data in dashboards
  • How to drill into a query to view underlying breakdowns and detail records
  • Resources available in Workday to learn more about specific data sources and business objects

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