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Infant & Child Research Participants Needed

May 16, 2018 | Announcements

Professor Jennifer Rennels’ Baby & Child Rebel Lab at UNLV is seeking families with 5- to 11-month-old infants, and 4-5-year-old and 8-9-year-old children to participate in research studies that examine how children learn and think about people in their social world. During your visit, we will record your child watching videos of different types of faces while sitting with you. Older children also complete short tasks designed to be engaging. These studies last approximately 3-10 minutes, with an average visit to the lab lasting about 20-30 minutes. Babies receive a UNLV baby Rebel t-shirt, onesie, or bib, and children receive a small gift for participating. Some studies provide compensation.

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UNLV Baby and Child Rebel Lab