Google Groups Coming to UNLVMail June 26

On Friday the new Google Groups will begin rolling out for UNLVMail and Rebelmail accounts. 

Google Groups lets you create mailing lists and online discussion groups. The new version of Groups features an updated interface and more streamlined controls. 

  • Simplified group creation: A quick three-step wizard simplifies group creation.
  • Updated messaging interface: Topics are now conversations and a new Gmail-style compose window.
  • More powerful search: New search filters and options help you find your content quickly.
  • Improved navigation: Group settings are consolidated into one section for faster navigation.

Not all of the features in the classic Google Groups will be available in the new Google Groups, including collaborative inboxes, tags, and categories. For a full list of features that are not currently available, visit the Groups support page. Google is working to add many of these features to new Groups, but if you rely one these features, you should switch back to the classic Google Groups for the time being. 

To go back to the classic Google Groups, click "Settings" and "Return to classic Google Groups."

OIT will send out a reminder before the new Groups becomes permanent, although Google has not yet provided a timeframe for when that will be. 

For more information about the new Google Groups, please visit the Google Groups Learning Center. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact the IT Help Desk

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