Faculty Development for Career Readiness Course

The Faculty Center is launching a third cohort of a professional development opportunity designed to help instructors incorporate career competencies into their courses. This asynchronous online course focuses on six soft skills employers often seek: 

  1. communication skills, 
  2. critical thinking and problem solving, 
  3. leadership, 
  4. cultural intelligence, 
  5. emotional intelligence, 
  6. and professionalism. 

Titled "Faculty Development for Career Readiness," the ultimate goal of the six-week course is to help instructors help UNLV graduates be better prepared for the workforce. It is most useful for instructors; however, advisers and others who are student-facing might also find it valuable.

Bobbie Barnes will facilitate the course from April 3 to May 13. It will be delivered through WebCampus. Participants can expect to spend one to two hours a week on course work. Learn more directly from Barnes in this video.

Please fill out this form by March 31 to register. If you cannot make this deadline, please reach out to Bobbie Barnes, and we'll be happy to put you on the list for the next cohort.  

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