Encourage Students to Use the Writing Center’s Services

Do you know that most students who come to the Writing Center learn about our services from an instructor? Many say that incentives and encouragement from their instructors are the factors that convince them to schedule a consultation.

How can you inform your students about the Writing Center and invite them to use our resources?

  • Incorporate the Writing Center module into your Canvas course shells.  Access the module or find it by searching for UNLV Writing Center in Canvas Commons. 
  • Invite a Writing Center consultant to give a 15-minute class presentation to your students about our services.
  • Send them to the Writing Center website to make appointments for in-person writing consultations, virtual consultations or OWLs; to find handouts; to ask quick questions; and more.
  • Use the handouts and resources on our website as supplements to your teaching.
  • Incentivize students to come to the Writing Center. Many instructors already do so by giving extra credit, rounding up a grade, canceling out an absence, or giving a deadline extension or extra revision opportunities. 
  • If you wish to require students to come to the Writing Center, please don’t require that they all come for the same paper; they typically come all at once at the last minute, and we cannot serve everyone. Instead, require that they come for any assignment in the semester.

Students may request that their instructor be notified when they attend a consultation. If you wish to be notified, ask your students to request that when they arrive for their appointment. When your students request it, we send out weekly emails to let you know which of your students came.

The Writing Center will open at 9 a.m. Jan. 24. Writing Center hours.

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