Deadline Today to Complete Campus Community Engagement Survey

The office of community engagement, in partnership with Cannon Survey Center, is wrapping up its annual survey of faculty and staff regarding their community partnerships. This survey helps us gather important information demonstrating the campus’s commitment to community engagement, and we hope you will take a few minutes to complete it.

The survey can be accessed using the link sent to you via email on April 24 and again on May 7. For your convenience, the link sent to you is pre-loaded with the descriptions of community partnership projects you reported last year. You will not have to re-enter them. You simply need to indicate if they are still active or not and, if needed, update related information. Of course, you will be able to enter new projects, too.

Community engagement involves a wide variety of employee and activity types, so we encourage all faculty and staff to complete the survey. If you would like to learn more about last year’s survey results, that information is available online. 

We thank you for your time in advance. Your responses are valuable to us for a number of reasons: they facilitate promotion of the university’s work in the community; advance faculty, staff, and student partnership opportunities; and enable us to reach out to our partners.

Please respond to the survey by Friday, May 31. Thank you!

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