Connecting 2022: Moving Beyond the "New Normal"

We are seeking presenters for the 'Connecting 2022: Moving Beyond the “New Normal'" virtual conference to be held Feb. 2-3.

Now in its second year, the free Connecting Conference 2022 is a grassroots effort of many higher education professionals across the country. Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, many educators have longed for the comfort of old routines: we’ve grown fatigued from Zoom calls and “pivoting” to new plans, and we’ve missed our campus spaces, our student interactions, and our communities. But as our campuses return to in-person operation, we must fight the urge to merely recreate “normal.” 

In this year’s conference, we are exploring what our role is in creating brighter futures in education. The focus will be on healing from the collective trauma that we all have experienced in the wake of the pandemic. We want to honor the innovations and creative strategies used in the classroom that were born from our need to shelter in place. Additionally, we recognize that higher education has a history of inaccessibility and we want to focus on reimagining how we can more equitably serve students.

We would love to hear how you have contributed to creating a brighter future for your students. The deadline for submission is Nov. 13. Presenters will be notified by Dec. 20.


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