Congratulations UNLV Leadership Experience Participants and Mentors

The offices of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources are pleased to announce the 2021-2022 participants selected for the new UNLV Leadership Experience. Open to full-time academic faculty, administrative faculty, and classified staff, this program is designed to empower faculty and staff to lead with purpose in any role they hold.

Participants will attend seminars that cover topics in higher education and leadership development, such as:

  • Diversity and social justice
  • Shared governance
  • Higher education after COVID-19
  • Communications
  • Cultural humility
  • Emotional intelligence

The program’s objectives are to help UNLV:

  • Grow a larger and more diverse pool of prospective campus leaders
  • Provide emerging university leaders with structured opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills
  • Promote core institutional values
  • Increase faculty and staff participation in shared governance

Congratulations to UNLV Leadership Experience participants and mentors:

  • Maria Aladjova, Division of Health Sciences, and mentor Office of Decision Support Vice Provost Brent Drake
  • Hanna Andrews, Academic Support Center, and mentor School of Nursing Dean Angela Amar
  • Margaret Campe, The Care Center, and mentor College of Education Dean Danica Hays
  • Carlos Dimas, Department of History, and mentor School of Integrated Sciences Dean Ron Brown
  • Amanda Gordon, Volunteer Relations, and mentor Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV Dean Marc J. Kahn
  • Dieu-My Tran, School of Nursing, and mentor Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate College Katherine Hausbeck Korgan
  • Jessica Impallaria, College of Liberal Arts, and mentor Undergraduate Education Vice Provost Laurel Pritchard
  • Talitha LaPutt, Office of International Students and Scholars, and mentor Honors College Dean Andrew Hansen
  • Daniel Mendoza, Undergraduate Recruitment, and mentor Academic Success Center Dean Ann McDonough
  • Cory Nelson, Department of Sciences, and mentor College of Fine Arts Dean Nancy Uscher
  • Frederic Poineau, Department of Chemistry, and mentor Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Dean Robert Ulmer
  • Peter Gray, Department of Anthropology, and mentor Academic Programs Vice Provost Javier Rodriguez
  • Vito Rocco, Office of Information Technology, and mentor William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Dean Stowe Shoemaker
  • Kelly Scherado, Department of Human Resources, and mentor Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Dean Rama Venkat
  • Pramen Shrestha, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction, and mentor School of Public Health Dean Shawn Gerstenberger
  • John Starkey, Department of Business, and mentor Educational Outreach Vice Provost Joseph Miera
  • Haroon Stephen, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction, and mentor Office of Faculty Affairs Vice Provost Janet Dufek
  • Chantel McDonald, University Medical Center, and mentor University Libraries Dean Maggie Farrell

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