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Archibus Upgrade

Jul 6, 2018 | Announcements

ARCHIBUS Web Central will be unavailable Monday, July 9, for the upgrade to version 23.2.  

We will be offering 20-minute mini-training sessions July 23 - Aug. 8 to show current users the new features. Please sign up online for a session.  

Important Dates:

  • July 9 - ARCHIBUS Web Central will be unavailable.

  • July 10 - ARCHIBUS Go Live date with current navigation

  • July 23 - Home Pages Deployed

  • July 23 - Mini-Training Sessions Offered through Aug. 8

Some Highlights are:

  • Highlight Floors by Room Report

    • Allows us to highlight, border, and label floor plans based on different parameters,  including occupants.

    • More details have been added to the pop-up box.

    • If there is an employee assigned to the location, you can edit their data from the pop-up details box.

      • Note: We are working on being able to jump to the edit employee form to add employees from this screen also.

  • Employees and All Locations Assigned

    • Now includes all employees — even if there is no location assigned.

    • Functionality has been added for users to edit what fields are seen in this view and the order of the columns.  

  • Headers no longer scroll off the page.

  • Home pages — by the end of July all user navigation will change to a home page.

  • Metrics

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