Administrative Faculty of the Month Award for October

Congratulations to Kathy Levasseur for receiving the Administrative Faculty of the Month Award for October 2021. Kathy is the business manager for the College of Liberal Arts at UNLV. Her nominator wrote:

“She always goes the extra mile, makes the phone call, crafts the email and never sends students away unless she is 100% sure the issue is resolved. I cannot tell you how many students have come back to express gratitude for this excellent service. She has the same attitude towards our alumni and understands their value to UNLV. She is a go-to person on almost any topic or issue, and she serves with integrity and people skills that speak directly to UNLV's and the College of Liberal Art's service mission. She is an unbelievable asset to our college's leadership team and everyone in our college community benefits from her kindness, agility, and compassion.”

The Administrative Faculty of the Month award recognizes outstanding colleagues that go above and beyond in their duties in advancing the mission and goals of UNLV.

Each month, the Administrative Faculty Committee presents the winning recipient with an Administrative Faculty of the Month certificate and a monetary award for $125. Nominations are due by the end of each month.

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